Seeking Sexual Integrity

It’s becoming more and more difficult in this world of saturated media to be a sexually pure man. Men, unlike women, are extremely visual and therefore deal with more temptations due to the increasing sexuality that surrounds us today.  couple-913236_640

Nowhere can a man turn and not be faced with sexual images or stimulation. From the raunchiest of prime-time television to the provocatively dressed housewife in the supermarket, it is difficult for men to find a safe-haven for their eyes to rest.  

However, although this temptation is sometimes relentless, it does not mean we cannot be sexually pure and faithful to our wives and partners. It is our obligation as husbands, fathers and men in general to act with sexual integrity.  

This blog is designed to help men achieve sexual integrity. What is sexual integrity? It is the developing and maintaining of a pure heart that seeks to honor women and not objectify them.

Each week I will be sharing information to help men achieve the goal of sexuality integrity. I encourage you to participate in this process by sharing your story. I also ask wives and girlfriends to take an active role in this movement. Because that is what this is — a movement.

Will you join it?

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