Month: November 2019

Pre-Ordering Now Available “Going Deeper: How the Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addiction”

Order your advanced copy of the book that outlines the latest advancement in the treatment of sex and porn addiction, as well as chronic masturbation. Going Deeper shows how the true road to recovery goes through your childhood.  dea47323-1faa-425b-9b56-7ebd0128c8ec-preview

  • Learn how to identify which of the 9 inner children impact your addiction
  • Discover the core emotional triggers that activate your kid(s)
  • Utilize the 6 steps of the Inner Child Recovery Process to help you stay one-step ahead of your addiction
  • Learn how a low emotional IQ can negatively impact your addiction
  • And more…

The Inner Child Recovery Process to Sex and Porn Addiction has been endorsed by many leaders in the sex addiction field including: Dr. Rob Weiss, author of Out of the Doghouse; Jay Stringer author of Unwanted; and Jonathan Daugherty of BeBroken Ministry, Troy Haas of Hope Quest Ministries; and Andrew Bauman, author of Psychology of Porn, to name a few.

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