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It’s Time to Break Free of Porn

Join Us For a Special Virtual Retreat Weekend Feb. 26-28

Tired of constant failure when it comes to defeating your porn/sex addiction? Are you struggling to emotionally connect and engage with loved ones? Well, there is real help available for you.

Husband Material is sponsoring a virtual retreat that will focus on helping individuals overcome porn/sex addiction and how to learn to be more emotionally connected with other.

Dr. Eddie Capparucci will demonstrate how unresolved childhood pain points lead to addictive behaviors. He also will be sharing his work in the development of the 14 Blind Spots that inhibit an individual’s ability to foster healthy intimate relationships.

The retreat will also consist of small group discussions and various exercises designed to help you gain more insight regarding “why” you think, feel and do the things you do. You can learn more about the retreat by visiting