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Inner Child Recovery Process Available Online

Learn How to Stay One-Step Ahead of your Porn or Sex Addiction

Are you having troubling finding a qualified sex or porn addiction counselor in your area? Have you tried numerous times to overcome your addiction but keep running into a wall of resistance? Are you tired of failing over and over.

Then you need to check out a new and unique treatment method called the Inner Child Recovery Process for the Treatment of Sex and Porn Addictions.

I believe the solution to helping individuals escape the stranglehold of a sexual addiction is the answer to a simple question – why?  “Why has sex and pornography overtaken my life?” The answer to that question can be found in the Inner Child.

The road to recovery from sex/porn addiction goes through your childhood. It is the Inner Child who is running the show when it comes to an individual’s sexual addiction. The Inner Child Recovery Process™ for Sexual/Pornography Addictions™ is a new and unique therapy for treating the disorder and has been proven successful with a large majority of individuals in my private counseling practice.

This unique and interactive treatment approach empowers individuals by helping them understand “why” they engage in addictive behaviors. This knowledge allows them to stay one step ahead of their addiction by being alert to the core emotional triggers that activates their Inner Child. 

“The Road to Recovery from Sex/Porn Addiction Goes Through Your Childhood”

When activated, the Inner Child will correlate current negative events to painful events and emotions of the past. He will seek to escape the pain by engaging in destructive addictive behaviors. This is done to provide his number one need – comfort.

When the Inner Child is activated, an individual struggling with addiction, will compulsively turn to sexual behaviors because they are not aware of their Inner Child and the emotions that trouble him. By becoming familiar with the child, his core emotional triggers and the techniques necessary to comfort him, individuals can take an active role in successfully managing their sexual addiction.

This treatment also is extremely beneficial for the spouses/partners of the addicted individuals in providing them with valuable insight into the reasons why their partners betrayed them. This in turn helps to reduce the spouse/partner’s feelings of inadequacy as well as provides empathy which is needed to help restore relationships.

Recently, I have captured all this information in my latest book entitled, “Going Deeper: How the Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addiction”. This book has given new hope to many individuals who have been frustrated in their journey to control the disorder, as well as for their spouse/partners who want answers to the question “why did you do this to me?”

Benefits of the Inner Child Recovery Process for Sexual Addiction

The Inner Child is the storage unit for past emotional distresses. When negative circumstances arise in individuals’ lives, the Inner Child searches the storage unit to locate past negative, emotional circumstances he believes are similar to the current troubling situation. This correlation the Inner Child makes leaves him feeling frighten. His answer to dealing with the emotional distress he is experiencing is to seek comfort and he accomplishes that by driving individuals in the direction of their sexual addiction. Engaging in the addiction serves as a strong distraction for the Inner Child, while providing him a high level of stimulation.

The Inner Child Recovery Process empowers individuals with the ability to stay one step ahead of their addiction by learning to identify when the inner child becomes activated and is experiencing emotional distress (individuals’ rise the yellow flags of caution.) Individuals are taught to engage in the emotional pain the Inner Child is experiencing, as well as how to soothe and comfort him.  

Outlined below are benefits offered through the Inner Child Recovery Process.

Answers the WHY question

As I mentioned earlier, I believe the why question is critical to the successful treatment of sexual addiction. The answer to why also removes negative labels such as perverted or sick and instead allows individuals to see themselves as God does – broken and in need of His grace.  

Promotes Self-Reflection

An amazing component to the Inner Child Recovery Process is the overall transformation individuals can achieve. And part of the transformation occurs with a focus on self-reflection. Individuals are taught to challenge themselves to reflect on the darkness in their hearts. They are asked to allow God to circumcise their hearts so they can embark on a journey of continuously seeking to move away from worldly values and instead adopt Spiritual values. It is a process that I refer to as the “New Guy”.   

Reduces Compulsive Behaviors

Often individuals caught in the web of addictive behaviors will say their problem is due to habit. The habit involved in a sexual addiction is the compulsive nature of the disorder. To remove compulsive decision making and actions it is necessary to understand what leads to the individual’s compulsiveness in the first place. That is where developing insight into the “why” individuals do what they do becomes so important. When an individual pause to think and before simply reacting they are providing themselves with an opportunity to make more rational and healthy decisions. The Inner Child Recovery Process shows individuals how to apply “speed bumps” into the addictive cycle to help them slow down compulsive behaviors. One of the most important speed bumps is learning to engage your inner child.

Teaches How to Process Painful Emotions

A common thread in all addictive behaviors is the inability of individuals to deal with their emotional pain in a healthy way. A key component of the Inner Child Recovery Process program is educating individuals how to identify their emotional pain points and more importantly learn to process them in a healthy fashion. By learning the skills necessary to face their emotional pain head-on these individuals limit the need to escape into harmful addictive behaviors.

Teaches Mindfulness

A critical part in the Inner Child Recovery Process is teaching individuals the art and benefit of being mindful. Becoming aware of how they are feeling mentally, emotionally, physically and Spiritually is a must in helping to stay one step ahead of the addiction. When individuals are depleted mentally, emotionally, physically or Spiritually, bad things can happen because the brain is screaming for simulation. Being mindfulness helps reduce the likelihood of becoming too drained. Mindfulness so plays a large part in helping individuals stay alert to emotional triggers that could activate their inner child. All of this allows them to stay one step ahead of their addiction. This is all part of daily self-reflection that is encouraged as part of the recovery process.

Promotes Healthy Curiosity

Growing up without anyone helping them to fully understand and process negative events leaves these individuals seeking emotional and mental shelter by withdrawing. And with this protective behavior comes a lack of curiosity about life. Being trapped inside their own head most of the time, these individuals don’t develop the skill set of curiosity, which leaves them with few passions and interests, as well as the inability to be observant of their surroundings.

Moves Individuals to Become Outwardly Focused

Many individuals who struggle with a sex or porn addiction are inwardly focused and have a difficult time getting out of their own head and being more than present when surrounded by others. They are running through life with their heads down oblivious of the needs, wants and desires of others. The ICRP teaches the importance of moving beyond oneself and shows these individuals how to slow down, lift their heads, and notice the needs, wants and desires of those around them.     

Improves Emotional IQ

A large majority of individuals who deal with sexual addiction also have a difficult time emotionally connecting with others. Therefore, an important component to the Inner Child Recovery Process program is assisting them in strengthening their emotional IQ. This includes helping individuals to identify emotions beyond anger, sadness, fear or happiness. It also assists them in learning how to be vulnerable and express their feelings, while demonstrating how to properly manage the emotions of others which currently cause them anxiety. Again, it is all part of becoming the “New Guy/Gal”.

Empowers The Inner Child Recovery Process is used to externalize individuals’ addiction therefore allowing them to become empowered. This is accomplished through their ability to manage the Inner Child’s destructive behaviors by helping to soothe his discomfort using rationale insight and wise mind to resolve the Child’s emotional conflict. Instead of the Inner Child running the show and hijacking individuals into addictive behaviors, they have the newfound capability to make healthy decisions. This process allows them to take an extremely active role in managing the core emotional triggers that leads to their acting out in destructive ways. They now run the show.

What People Are Saying About The ICRP

“For 46 years, I struggled with an addiction to pornography that transcended three marriages. I was about to lose my current marriage due to my lying and cover ups of this addiction when I found Eddie Capparucci. Eddie introduced me to “Going Deeper.” As I worked through the book, I started to see my inner child like never before. Without identifying the triggers and ways to cope with the kid, I was never going to overcome this insidious grip pornography had on my life. This book challenged me to work on my deficient emotional IQ and realize this addiction can be treated and a life changing transformation is possible. I’m happy to report that my wife and I reconciled and even renewed our wedding vows again after 10 years. This is a must read for those struggling with sexual/pornography addictions. You saved my marriage, Eddie!” -B Hef

“I’m was a porn and sex addict for over 15 years. While I’ve been in recovery for 3 years, Going Deeper opened my eyes to things I’d never even considered before. He made me realize things about my child hood that had caused wounds that I never knew where there. Many of those wounds led to using porn and sex to cope. I’m now a coach helping other men find freedom and I use this book with all my clients. It’s one of the best books on sex addiction you will ever read.” -Timothy R.

“Eddie Capparucci speaks from personal experience and from having guided hundreds out of the compulsive cycle of sexual addiction. He knows that “just try harder next time” will not bring lasting results. His aim is to help strugglers look deep inside and discover why they feel a need to medicate and seek comfort by acting out. This book shows how false ideas which were accepted in childhood can negatively impact choices made in an adult’s present life. Going Deeper is a book to be studied so that the addict can identify where he has gone wrong and what changes he can make in order to live a life worth living.” -L&C

“Eddie has written a book that uncovers some of the main drivers of sexual compulsion and addiction, namely the childhood and teen experiences that drive this thinking and behavior in adults. Understanding the main childhood wounds and addressing the experiences that drive particular thinking will help you understand your own or another’s behavior more clearly and provide a way to creatively address it. Eddie’s writing is direct, practical and to the point. Highly recommended.” -Jay Haug

Check out the Inner Child Recovery Process by going to It is priced at $340 and is a 12-week video program that covers everything you would receive in 12-week counseling sessions that costs more than $1,500. Plus you will be a member of a private Facebook community where we conduct live events and host Q&A sessions.