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Talking about Porn with     the Samson Society

Talking about Porn with the Samson Society

I had the opportunity to appear on their podcast and share the destructive nature of pornography as well as talk about how the Inner Child impacts sex/porn addiction.

The mission of Samson House is to provide a safe place, physical or virtual, for Christian men to bring their real selves and say the real truth about the things they’ve kept hidden. It’s a space of grace on the addiction battlefield, where men can be transparent without judgment or shame.

It’s a storehouse of resources, an oasis of acceptance, and a network of no bull brotherhood. We recognize we’re in a battle for sexual sanity, authentic relationships, and an end to destructive hidden habits, and they refuse to let the casualties of this battle be their marriages, children and grandchildren.

Samson guys are traveling-companions on a great spiritual adventure, not grim pilgrims on a death march to personal holiness. They challenge each other daily to believe the incredible news that God actually knows us, loves us, and has restored us to himself. As they follow Christ together, they find their lives progressively interrupted by righteousness, peace and joy.

Check out the interview at the link below. And find out more about Samson Society and the many recovery resources it offers including online groups at SamsonSociety.com.