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Inner Child Interview with Carol the Coach

I was thrilled to appear on Carol the Coach podcast last week and discuss my Inner Child Recovery Process for the Treatment of Sex and Porn Addiction. I have always had great respect for her work and sShe has been a mentor. You can learn more about the Inner Child Recovery Process by visiting http://www.innerchild-sexaddiction.com or getting the book, “Going Deeper How the Inner Child Impacts Sexual Addiction.”

Tonight, Carol the Coach interviews Eddie Capparucci, who has created a process that he has found very successful in treating and sex addiction. He believes the road to recovery from sexual and pornography addiction goes through your childhood. It is the various pain points we suffered as children, adolescents and teenagers that impact our sexual and pornography addictions today. And the key to unlocking all of this can be found with the inner child.  He has created the Inner Child Recovery Process for the Treatment of Sexual and ography Addiction to answer the “whys” that plague sex addicts and can empower them into abstinence.